Christ Church Blairgowrie is a warm and friendly church, committed to serving the communities around us by connecting people to Jesus and to one another.  The Christian journey is life-changing and we want to encourage others to walk this journey.  You might pick up that we mention Jesus a fair bit.  That is because Jesus is at the heart of what we do and who we are.  We get together every Sunday, and you are always invited to join us.




As we do our series in the book of Acts, I am reminded of our church vision which is based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission: Love God and neighbour, and take the message of Christ to all, or another way of saying it: Draw, Develop, Drive.

So firstly, based on the Great Commission, we here at Christ Church Blairgowrie are committed to connecting people to Christ and his church. This requires plans, creative and committed people, and finances. This means that our Sundays are not only about those who belong to the church but also should seek to attract new people; people from every nation, language, tribe and culture; young and old, rich and poor. And as we are seeing in the book of Acts, a good question for us to ask is: Are there any obstacles that are stopping us from being effective in this outreach?

Dave West, Senior Pastor