As we do our series in the book of Acts, I am reminded of our church vision which is based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission: Love God and neighbour, and take the message of Christ to all, or another way of saying it: Draw, Develop, Drive. So firstly, based on the Great Commission, we here at Christ Church Blairgowrie are committed to connecting people to Christ and his church. This requires plans, creative and committed people, and finances. This means that our Sundays are not only about those who belong to the church but also should seek to attract new people; people from every nation, language, tribe and culture; young and old, rich and poor. And as we are seeing in the book of Acts, a good question for us to ask is: Are there any obstacles that are stopping us from being effective in this outreach?Our services should always seek to be friendly and gospel orientated. People from all walks of life should be made to feel welcome and be able to grasp what is being preached. The preaching should be expository, and challenge people to repentance and faith in Christ. When people leave church on a Sunday they should be able to say – I heard the living Lord Jesus Christ speak to me. This also requires all of us to see the important role we have in speaking to others about Jesus and seeking to invite them to come and hear the gospel.Again the book of Acts calls all of us to be actively involved in the mission of Christ.

Secondly, we at CCB are committed to develop people in Christ, that is, to help people grow and mature as Christians. This is why growth groups are very important. Growth groups provide the opportunity for Christians to meet in smaller groups, to fellowship, to pray, and together to study and discuss the passage given for that evening.

It is also important that we provide opportunities and training for people to be involved in the ministries of the church. Involvement in ministry has the effect of growing a person in Christ.

Thirdly, we are committed to driving people out to serve Christ at home, in the work place, and in our neighbourhood. The great commandment calls us all not only to love God with all our heart, mind, strength and soul, but to demonstrate our love for God by loving our neighbours. This requires a deep concern and compassion for the vulnerable, the struggling, the hurt, etc. This is an important part of church ministry and a call to every Christian.

To conclude; as we, like the early church, give ourselves to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, we trust, as happened in the book of Acts, that God will use us to bring many into the glorious family of Christ and as we devote ourselves to God’s word, prayer, compassion, serving and giving, we will grow in Christ. Let us continue to commit ourselves and others to him. Let us continue to connect ourselves to one another, to the vulnerable and the struggling.  Amen.