Wednesday, 8th May

Wednesday, 8th May


Amos 3v1 -15


The lion roars.

We must be warned against taking God, his word and grace lightly.

Christ has given up himself sacrificially for us.

He has called us to love God, and to love our neighbour.

He will not stomach us living unrepentant lives.  Lives that do not value people and show no compassion.  Lives that care little for social or economic justice.  Lives that abuse others.  Lives that are self-indulgent.

When we live unrepentant lives, we live for self and our concerns are for us.

As we vote, we should not be putting ourselves first, but those who are suffering, who are oppressed, who still experience enormous social and economic injustices.

Chapter 3 of Amos reminds us that God’s judgment will be fair, inevitable and comprehensive.

We need to recommit ourselves to the God who roars from amongst his people.



Lord, please help me to take your word and grace seriously.

Please give me an uncompromising love for You and for my neighbour.

As I vote, may I put myself and my needs aside, and consider those who are in need of justice, compassion and support.

Please help me to deny myself and up the cross as I follow Christ.


PRAYERS for this Wednesday

For our Nation, South Africa.

  • For free and fair elections
  • For love and compassion
  • For patience and kindness
  • For justice and goodness

For the Church in South Africa

  •  To call people to repentance
  •  For Christians to live repentant lives
  •  For the church to reflect the values of Christ
  •  A church that lives with the fruit of the Spirit

A church that cares deeply for the needy, the oppressed, the suffering, the widow and the orphan, all in need.

Pray that we at CCB will be rooted in Christ;

With deep concern for the outsider, and deep compassion for the hurting.

That we will give ourselves to both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.


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