Wednesday, 5th June

Wednesday, 5th June


Amos 9


A question we all need to ask ourselves is this:

Are we running from God or hiding from him?

We clutter our lives with all sorts of things to keep God out.

We do not want God telling us what to do with our possessions, our money.

We don’t want God telling us what to do with our bodies.

We don’t want God to call us to greater sacrifice.

We don’t want God to tell us how we can be more compassionate and kind.

We run from God, by deciding for ourselves what really matters to God.

When we do this, we show little concern for the poor and the oppressed.

We stay away from matters of social justice.. that’s politics we say.

Even in church, we run from God; we want comfortable nice services on a Sunday.

We don’t want to be humbled, and we do not want God to disturb us.

But Amos says stop.

Stop running.

You cannot escape from God.

‘No one will get away none will escape his wrath.’ (Amos 9:1)

However, Amos closes his prophecy with good news:

‘In that day I will restore David’s fallen tent.

I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins,’ (Amos 9:11)

God is going to send his king to find us;

To rescue us;

And to ultimately restore all things.

We must stop running and turn to his King.

Return to Jesus.


O gracious loving father, forgive me for the many times I run from you.

Help me to stop running and to turn to Jesus.

Pray that I would follow him and be prepared to deny myself and take up my cross.


Pray for the message of Amos to sink deeply into our lives.

Pray that in all our ministries at CCB we would seek to encourage people to follow and to listen to Jesus.

  •             Children
  •             Youth
  •             Young adults
  •             Senior citizens
  •             Bread of Life
  •             Growth Groups

Pray that our Sunday services would not be designed around comfort and peoples wants, but around God’s word.

Pray that at our services, we would constantly be challenged to repentance.

Pray that we would be filled with the hope that Jesus brings.

Pray we would be encouraged to take Jesus more seriously.


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