Wednesday, 3rd July

Wednesday, 3rd July


Luke 7: 36 -50


Last week we looked at the story of Jesus acceptance of a sinful woman, a sex worker who interrupted Simon, the pharisee’s, dinner party.

Her love for, and understanding of Jesus led to her salvation.

However, to Simon she is unwanted and uninvited.

Simon’s hard heart means he does not have the same love for and understanding of Jesus.

Unlike the woman he is unable to bow the knee to Jesus.

This story not only calls us to have our hard hearts broken by Jesus, but also challenges the church.

We need to ask if our structures and our ways are shouting unwanted and uninvited ?

Will we drop to our knees along with the broken, the unwanted and the uninvited,

and say welcome ?

This woman was not welcome in Simon’s house, but found in Jesus, a home.

Therefore, they must be welcomed in the church.

And we as Christians must be welcoming of all people, whoever they are and wherever they have been.

May God fill our hearts with love and compassion.

Where our hearts are hard, may God break us.


A Chorus of a song goes like this:

O Lord your tenderness,

Melting all my bitterness,

O Lord I receive your love.

O Lord your loveliness,

Changing my unworthiness,

O Lord I receive your love.

O Lord I receive your love,

O Lord I receive your love.


O Lord may I see Jesus for who he really is ?

May I see him as the one who gave up his life for me.

And as I see him like this, may my heart melt,

And my tears fall before you, my Saviour, my Lord.


  • Let us pray for a church that will:
  • Be filled with the love of Jesus.
  • Know the power of forgiving love.
  • Be a Church where no one is unwanted, or uninvited.
  • Welcome and entertain strangers.

Let us pray for all our ministries:

  • To the elderly
  • To the families
  • To the young adults
  • To the youth
  • To the children
  • To the poor
  • To the broken and hurting

Loving God,

We pray for those who are hurting or lonely.

Be their strength and comfort in every difficulty and struggle.

Enable us all to experience your generous love,

and be renewed in our relationship with you,

through our Lord Jesus Christ.



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