Wednesday, 28th August

Wednesday, 28th August


Ephesians 4:1-16


Why church?

How concerned are you for church growth?  Church growth pleases God.  God is pleased by growth in numbers as people become part of the family and He is pleased with growth in diversity as people are drawn in from all different nations and language groups as well as different walks of life.  God is pleased with financial growth as all Christians are called to generosity and sacrifice to their local church.
And God longs for us to grow in maturity which holds everything together.

Maturing Christians “play nicely.”  As the children go out to play, the Pre-Primary teacher says to them, “now play nicely.”  In Ephesians 4, Paul tells the Christians in the church at Ephesus to ‘play nicely.’
“Be humble, gentle and patient with each other, bear with one another in love, be eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” (verses 2-3)

This is key to church growth.  But in order for us to play nicely we need to be listening to the word of God, and to regular Bible teaching.  That is why in verse 11 the church today has been gifted with evangelists, and pastor/teachers who are to prepare us for works of service.  As we sit under God’s word we mature, which means we give ourselves to service in the new church which means we will “play nicely”.


Lord give to me a heart for Gospel growth, pray that I would seek always to maintain the unity of the church, sit faithfully under your word, be available to serve in my church and desire to be more like Jesus.  Amen.


Today we pray for the following 7 things:

  • Pray that at CCB we would seek to maintain our unity in Christ.
  • Pray that we at CCB would be filled with humility, gentleness and patience
  • Pray that we would recognise the importance of hearing the word of God faithfully taught on Sundays and in our growth groups
  • Pray we at CCB would all be encouraged to serve faithfully as we grow in Jesus
  • Pray that we would desire to be like Jesus
  • Pray that we would seek to see growth in maturity (maturity in Christ) at CCB.
  • Pray for Synod taking place from 3rd – 6th September when the Clergy Conference & Business Meetings will be combined throughout the week.

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