Wednesday, 24th July

Wednesday, 24th July


Luke 7:1-10


Do you have faith in Jesus? Is your faith based on the truths taught in scripture? Ask yourself; “What does my faith in Jesus look like.”

The concept of faith in the Bible is often misunderstood. Everyone has faith. When we sit, we have faith in the chair we sit on. We believe the chair will hold us.

It is also not enough to say; “I believe in Jesus”. Faith is not only believing in who Jesus is, but believing in what he came to do, and believing what the scriptures teach about him.

In Luke 7, Jesus says of a centurion; “I have not seen such faith in Israel”. The man understands Jesus and he knows he is God.


Father God, give me a confident faith in Jesus; a faith that believes that he is God the messiah; a faith that looks back to what he did on the cross and looks forward to heaven.


· Today we remember those who do not have faith in Jesus.

Family members




· Pray God, through the Holy Spirit, will hear our prayers.

· Pray that these people will come to know the real Jesus revealed in scripture for us.


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