Wednesday, 24th April

Wednesday, 24th April


Luke 24: 44 – 53



The Easter story calls us to:

1. Delight to rejoice in Jesus.  For he who suffered and died for us has risen from the dead. The evidence of a physical resurrection is clear. And so we can have confidence in him.

2.  To declare him to all people whoever they may be. We are Christ’s people and are therefore called and strengthened by God’s holy spirit, to go with the Gospel to all peoples.

3. To create a church where all people can meet and hear the Message of Jesus, where we can together hear his word and worship him.



O risen Lord renew our confidence in you. Fill us with joy; may we be filled with delight as we remember our crucified risen saviour.

O risen Lord, send us with the power of the Holy spirit to all people with the good news of Christ.

O risen Lord, may we be as welcoming of people from every language tribe and nation. Amen.



We pray for our denomination that, filled with confidence, we would boldly proclaim the message of Christ.

That we would be thinking what it means to be a people of all nations.

We pray for all our ministries from the children’s ministry to ministry with the elderly, for love compassion and a confidence in the word of Christ.

We pray that here at CCB we would continue to work at being a welcoming place for young and old, for people from every language and nation.

We pray we would be in a place where our delight for Jesus is obvious.

In light of what has happened in Sri Lanka, we continue to pray for the light of Christ to shine in the darkness; for Christians to stand against all forms of hatred, violence and terror; for our lives to reflect compassion, kindness and love for all.

We pray for the many who have lost loved ones in this horrific act of terror.

We pray for the church and its leaders in Sri Lanka.


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