Wednesday, 1st May

Wednesday, 1st May


Amos 1V1-2:16



The lion roars.

God is to be taken very seriously. We must be on our guard lest we domesticate God.                          A domesticated Jesus embraces the culture’s values without challenging them; He is a “safe” Jesus who is no threat to the established way of doing things. A Jesus who does not challenge our self-indulgence, who does not challenge the value we put on our possessions, property, position and privilege. But   Yet Christ did not come into the world to be “nice” or “safe,” he did not come to make us feel comfortable.  The Jesus we find in the Gospels cannot be domesticated. He brings a salvation that turns our values upside-down. Instead of the proud and arrogant, He exalts those of humble estate.

We must also be on our guard lest we take his word and Grace lightly.



Lord thank you for Amos the unpalatable prophet.

Thank you that you speak to us today through him.

Thank you for you the impartial judge for your character.

Please help us to heed your warnings,

Never to domesticate you,

Never to turn our backs on your word,

Never to take your grace lightly. Amen.



That above all things we would value people as Christ did.

A love for people from all cultures, languages and nations.

For the ability to see similarities and celebrate differences.

A deep compassion for the vulnerable in our society, the poor, the abused and oppressed.

Pray that as Christians we would be delivered from greed and hatred.

Pray we would not become obsessed about Possessions, property position and privilege.

But that we would be obsessed with the things of Christ.

Pray that at CCB, we would continue to grow in dynamic diversity.

Pray we would be welcoming of all people.

Pray for the lead up to the general election:

  • For leaders to watch their tongues wisely.
  • For compassion and love all the peoples of this nation especially the broken the vulnerable the poor and the hurting.
  • For efficiency and tolerance.

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