Wednesday, 25th March

Wednesday, 25th March


Matthew 6:25-34


The Coronavirus is quickly changing the landscape of our world.  Many are asking what the Christian response should be?


Firstly, we are called to be wise and responsible.  Martin Luther wrote at a time of crisis; “This is such a God-fearing faith because it is neither brash nor foolhardy and does not tempt God.”  In the Gospel of Matthew 6:25 we are encouraged not to be anxious.  We are encouraged to continue to trust God. But that does not mean we sit down and do nothing.  Matthew goes on to say; seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness.  We cannot put our ultimate hope in this life, but let’s remember that, if we are a people of hope then we are free to demonstrate the love of Christ in our world today.  In times like this Christians are called to rise,  to have their confidence in God, to speak of the hope we have in Christ, and to reach out to others with great care and compassion, especially to the vulnerable, the elderly and the poor.  Eusebius, the early church historian, wrote that because of the church’s compassion for those in need during times of crisis, “the deeds of Christians were on everyone’s lips.”

We have an opportunity to speak and demonstrate the hope of heaven and the love of Christ; to show to the world that Christianity is worth living and dying for.


Oh Lord, I pray that your love, mercy and truth will dwell in me and show me how to face the challenges posed by the Coronavirus.


  • Pray for people who are infected with COVID19 and are facing quarantine.
  • Pray for people at higher risk of developing the disease; the poor, the elderly, people with chronic health conditions and the malnourished.
  • Pray for medical professionals, caregivers, researchers and leaders responsible for decisions about fighting the Coronavirus.
  • Pray for the church and all Christians that we would rise to the challenge with love and compassion.
  • Pray that we would speak of the hope of Christ.
  • Pray that we would all remain sensible, caring and understanding.
  • Prayer for a mighty work of God’s spirit during this time

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