Wednesday, 15th May

Wednesday, 15th May


Amos 4: 1-13


The lion roars.

We live in a ‘Me’ society full of ‘Me Monsters.’

Ask yourself this question: “Am I a ‘Me Monster’?”

Jesus calls us to: “Deny ourselves, to take up our cross and to follow Him.”

This can only begin to happen if we properly engage with Jesus.

Ask yourself:  “Is it all about Jesus for me?”

In Amos, chapter 4, Amos speaks to the people and says to them: “You have failed to engage with God”, so God will engage with them in judgment.

The evidence of their failure is seen in their failure to care, Amos focuses on the indulgent rich, and their oppression of the poor.  When we turn our backs on the God of the Bible, when we domesticate God, we become self-indulgent, and we turn our backs on the poor and the oppressed.

It is easy to see how self-indulgence and oppression are two sides of the same coin.  If our main concerns are our own comfort and self-importance, then we will soon regard others with contempt.

Everything becomes about Me: My God, My job, My church, My opinion.

And this will lead to a rapid decline into worldliness.



Lord please help me to take  to deny myself, to take up the cross and to follow Jesus.

Please deliver me from self-importance and indulgence.

Please change my hearts desires from me to Jesus.

Please help me to care for the needy the poor and the oppressed.

Give me an uncompromising love for You, and for my neighbour.




We pray this week for CCB

That we would be a community that is unselfish.

We would be more concerned for the outsider than for ourselves.

We would repent of wanting everything to happen in a way that makes me comfortable and happy.

That we would:

  •                 Be compassionate.
  •                 Be a worshiping community.
  •                 Be learning together from Gods’ word.
  •                 Be a community that bows in awe before Jesus

Pray that we would not be Sunday-only Christians.

That our faith would be seen each day to be genuine and authentic.

That those around us would see us as understanding, caring, non-judgmental and full of love.

Remember in your prayers especially, the oppressed, the poor, the sick and the elderly.


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