Staff & Apprentices

Senior Pastor: Dave West 

Assistant Pastor: Leonard Funachina

Secretary: Jayne Howes

Administrator: Gill Windram

Worship Director: Nicholas Nicolaidis

Hospitality: Gina Manson

Youth Worker: Amilcar Bhiman

The Intern: Peter Thomson



Senior Pastor

Dave is married to Liesl, and they have 2 children, Robyn and Jonathan. He was a school teacher at Crossroads School which educates bright children with learning challenges, prior to becoming a pastor. Dave is a family man, a keen golfer and is passionate about wildlife.

Leonard Funachina

Pastoral Assistant

Leonard is married to the lovely Caroline. Prior to joining CCB, he worked as a lecturer at Johannesburg Bible College. Leonard is a music fundi and enjoys watching movies.


Rector’s Warden

Rory is married to Gillian, and they have three sons, Kyle, Iain and Craig. He spent five years of his life shadowing Nelson Mandela, as one of his security team leaders, and is now director of his own company, a specialist security solutions company – Nicholls Steyn & Associates. He is a gifted speaker and is passionate about sport.

Jacques Pretorius

Peoples’ Warden

Jacques is married to Clare, and they have two sons, Rohan and Jesse. He is an entrepreneur - founder of Radiant Healthcare. He enjoys cycling, gym and adventure motorcycling.

Leon Liebenberg


Leon is married to June, and they have two adult children, Clara and Ben. He is a Senior Investment Professional with Old Mutual. He is a keen golfer and loves travelling.


Ewan was born in Zimbabwe, and moved to Scotland in 1998, where he met his lovely wife, Jane. They have a new baby boy, Cameron MacKintosh. Ewan is a mechanical engineer in the Power sector, and in his spare time, of which he has little since the arrival of his son, he enjoys playing golf, touch rugby, squash and reading.


Nicholas is married to Angela and they have a son, Luke. Nicholas is a well-renowned freelance musician who sings, teaches and conducts, and is the Worship Director at CCB. He is a foodie who enjoys swimming and watching sport.


Danny, born in Ireland, is married to Marie Laure, and they are expecting their first child in December. He currently works in project and infrastructure finance for Barclays Africa, spending a lot of time on the renewable energy sector in South Africa. Danny enjoys reading, walking, surfing and cycling.


Lindsey is married to Brenda, and they have four sons and five grandchildren. He is CEO of the Constantia Insurance Group, owner and Chairman of the Anslow Management Consultants group of companies, and owns two Pre-Primary Schools (ECDs), one in Johannesburg and one in KZN.


A butcher by trade, Nick is employed in corporate retail and oversees the production processes for Cavalier Foods. He has three sons and a daughter, and four grandchildren. Nick enjoys reading Popular Mechanics, Time Magazine and Christian literature, he supports Chelsea in the British Premier League & McLaren Mercedes in F1. Some of his other hobbies include squash, DIY building projects and chicken farming.


Youth Worker

Amilcar is studying part time with the South African Theological Seminary, and is the Youth Worker here at CCB. Prior to this, he worked for a marketing agency. Amilcar is married to the lovely Jeanelle, and in his spare time he enjoys video games, watching Naruto, preaching at the Sunday evening service, and half price sushi on Mondays.