20th March

A question I get asked regularly is:

What is the most powerful way to experience God?


How can I live each day with the experience of God’s love?

I think we all would like a regular experience of awe and intimacy with God.

I could answer:

Read your Bible more;

Pray more;

Work harder at your walk with Christ;

Attend church more regularly;

Join a growth group;

Go on a retreat.

Now there is value in all these things, but I do not believe they answer the above question.

So how do I experience awe and intimacy with God?

I think there are 3 important things to hold onto here.


To know God’s love, is to know happiness.

For the deepest and most enduring happiness is found in God; not from God but in God.

Happiness is found therefore in God; not in a pursuit or a journey, not in religious activity; but in God.

I do recommend John Pipers book called ‘Desiring God.’


Awe and intimacy with God cannot be experienced by us doing anything.

We cannot create it.

It is freely available to us.

It is given to us by God.

God’s love is demonstrated to us on the cross.

Easter is a good time to remember that we are more loved then we will ever realize.

His love, according to Paul in Ephesians 3, is so high, so long, so deep, so broad, that it surpasses knowledge.

Paul, in the book of Ephesians, wants Christians to know what a big deal it is to be Christian.

He wants us to know, in Christ we have it all. We have all of His blessings and all of his love.

He prays we would, through the power of the Spirit, grasp this.


Come to the garden of Gethsemane.

In the garden, before Jesus is crucified, He is greatly distressed and troubled.  He tells his disciples: “my soul is sorrowful even to death” (Mark 14: 34).

It is important to see what makes Jesus so emotional, so sorrowful.

When Jesus is on the cross, he cries out: “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?”

This cry tells us what Jesus was so overwhelmed by.

He knew that his perfect, beautifully complete relationship with His Father would be broken, as he takes on himself our sin, and the judgment we deserve.

Think of it this way.

The most beautiful perfect loving relationship is broken, so that you can enjoy the beautiful perfect loving relationship that Jesus had with His father.

So that you can experience and know the awe and intimacy that he had with God.

So over this Easter time, I pray:

We would find happiness in God himself.

That we would grasp what we have in Christ.

That we would see that the relationship Christ has with the Father was shattered at the cross, so that we can now have that relationship.