16th October

When I became a Christian, I was told by a family member that not to worry, I would get over it.

Life would go back to normal.

How often do you use the word normal?

I wish things would go back to normal.

I strive to live a normal, peaceful life.

The life of the Apostle Paul, as seen in 2 Corinthians, is anything but normal.

He says 2 Corinthians 5 verse 14: ‘Christ’s love compels us’.

Paul’s whole life has been turned upside down because of Christ’s love.

In fact, so much so, that it seems some were saying that he was insane.

2 Corinthains 5, verse 13, Paul says: ‘If we are out of our mind it is for the sake of God.’

Many of us, especially those of us who are privileged, are easily caught up with our comfortable, normal lives, and we live to protect that lifestyle.

We are all caught up in normality.

But a good question to ask is: Are we perhaps being caught up in our own selfishness?

And there is no madness in self-centeredness that is normality.

When we grasp the love of Christ, our lives are changed and normality is challenged.

We see God differently.

We see ourselves differently.

We see others differently.

We begin to live lives that are more sacrificial.

We begin to see God’s call to us to proclaim Christ.